Wellzoom E Desktop Filament extruder line III


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It’s the third generation extruder line – Wellzoom E desktop extruder line, its advantages are reflected in the following aspects:

  1. The extrusion speed can reach up to 6.5 meters/minute (Or, about a kilogram of PLA@50 minutes).
  2. The new extruder added mixing screw thread to make mixing different materials easier.
  3. Original online auxiliary measurement function. Makes the desktop extruder precise control wire diameter with a low-cost auxiliary detection method.
  4. The material has a wide range of applications. Has been successfully used in low temperature material PCL (60℃) extrusion, medium temperature material nylon, PC, ABS, PLA, and high temperature materials such as PEI, PEEK extrusion.
  5. High reliability. After a long period of trial and error and adjustment of the multi-dimensional extrusion parameters, the extruder has a very high reliability;
  6. With the twin-shaft winding machine, you can easily replace the coil without affecting normal machining.
  7. The desktop line is also equipped with a meter counter to facilitate mass production.
  8. In order to adapt to different materials, provide a variety of cooling combination options (specific requirements can consult wellzoom team).



  • Maximum extrusion speed: 6500 mm/min
  • Suitable materials: ABS, PLA, Nylon, wood plastic, PVA, PS and so on
  • Operating temperature: below 320℃(maximum 450℃ or 600℃ need customizing)
  • Temperature zone: 2 temperature zones (independent control)
  • Accuracy of filament: ±0.05@1.75mm;  ±0.13mm@3.00mm
  • Power requirement : 220V, 50Hz (110V, 50Hz need customizing)
  • Power: 360W-560W
  • Nozzle: 2 (2.2mm, 3.2mm)

Wellzoom E extruder:

  1. Simple appearance, easy to operate.
  2. Energy efficient.
  3. Easy to clean the material cavity and change the nozzle.
  4. Special screw, high efficiency extrusion.
  5. Can adapt to most of thermoplastic materials.
  6. Can modulate color. It can meet your needs about the color and material of filament.
  7. Large-capacity hopper, the particles after baking can be directly poured into the hopper for processing.
  8. Dual-zone & independent temperature control can meet the requirement better to composite material.Preheat zone is for melting materials.Extrusion zone is for controlling extrusion temperature.

Water-cooling tractor

  1. Stepping motoris used to ensure stable traction speed.
  2. Stepless speed control.
  3. On-line measurement function.
  4. There is a meter counter. Length measurement can be performed to control the weight of each coil. To bring the convenience for the mass production of filament.
  5. A variety of cooling combinations can be chosen. We can provide the best solution.

Auto winder

  1. Match the extrusion speed of the extruder automatically.
  2. The arranging mechanism can arrange the filament in order.
  3. The arrange range can be adjusted to adapt to different reels.
  4. Reel speed can be adjusted.
  5. With dual-axis winder, you can easily replace the reel without affecting normal machining.



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